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Featured Jackets

REV'IT! Eclipse Ladies Jacket
PGC Price: $179.99
RSD Womens Riot Leather Jaclet
PGC Price: $650.00
REV'IT! Tornado 2 Jacket
PGC Price: $369.99
RSD Ronin Leather Jacket
MSRP: $620.00
PGC Price: $312.25

Featured Helmets

Scorpion EXO- CT220 Helmet
PGC Price: $149.95
AGV K-3 SV Solids
PGC Price: $199.95
HJC CL-Y Youth Solid Helmets
PGC Price: $89.99
HJC RPHA 11 Pro Solid Helmet
PGC Price: $399.99
Biltwell 3-Snap Bubble Shield
PGC Price: $24.95

Featured Gloves

Scorpion SG3 MKII Gloves
MSRP: $134.95
PGC Price: $110.66
Scorpion Skrub Gloves
PGC Price: $24.95

Featured Boots

Milwaukee Trooper Boot
PGC Price: $131.99
Alpinestars S-MX 1R Vented Boot
PGC Price: $159.95
Tour Master Coaster WP Boots
PGC Price: $124.99
Stylmartin Legend R Boot
PGC Price: $289.99

Motorangutan Located in Austin, TX

We are an Austin, TX used motorcycle dealership that offers the sale of used motorcycles, aftermarket parts for Harley Davidson and others, motorcycle gear, apparel, accessories, and other various motorcycle supplies.  Order online with free shipping over $89, or locally in our South Austin store with a no-hassle return policy.   We’d like to be recognized as a local motorcycle dealer that wants its customers to be completely satisfied with their motorcycle related purchases.  Our goal is to be one of the best used motorcycle dealers in Texas.  We aim to provide an excellent customer experi

MSF Motorcycle Safety Course Information

To obtain your motorcycle license in Texas you are required to take and pass the Basic Rider Course.  The courses offered in Austin, TX are exceptional and everyone that has taken one has a great time!  We also recommend taking the Basic MSF course as a refesher if you've been off the bike for long periods of time.  The instructors are keen to break you of bad habits.  
The official description of the basic rider course directly from the MSF-USA.org website:

Orangutans a marketing gimmick for used motorcycle sales in Austin, TX?

Why an orangutan?  We thought maybe it would peak your curiosity and perhaps convince you to take a look at the motorcycle gear at our Austin, TX store, “Motorangutan”, where you can purchase motorcycle products online or in store.  All of the motorcycle products we carry can be viewed and purchased online.  If you are local, the catalog can be filtered to show what we have sitting on our shelves in store.   In store we focus on motorcycle helmets, jackets, gloves, boots, pants and luggage whether you ride a sportbike or a Harley Davidson cruiser.  You’ll find great quality sportbike and Ha

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