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Why a Motorangutan?

Why Not?


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

It's hard to argue with that logic?

Hey, I like your site and what ya'll are doing. Like your prices.

If I didn't already have a bike & a scooter payment(s), I probably
would have already come to see you. Oh well, when I get something
paid for or my wife has a weak moment, I'll be sure to head your way.

I really haven't checked your parts prices, but I shall.

McAllen, TX

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Thanks for the great price on my Battery Tender compared to others along with the rapid shipping in just 2 Days. I hear you are going to be carrying AMSOIL so i will be doing even more business with you.

Taylor, TX

Submitted by Alexander on

Great work enviorment, Great pay for work required... Comparing this to any and all of my other jobs this one by far out does it all, always wanted a boss that i could be friends with. I love helping customers find the gear they want and need aswell as learning about motorcycles, explaining the do's and donts about street safety...i love getting my accessories and parts from wes cause he always hooks it up!!!!