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Vance & Hines Stainless Hi-Output 2-Into-1 (Harley Davidson)

Vance & Hines Stainless Hi-Output 2-Into-1 (Harley Davidson)
SKU: VH0115

The stainless Hi-Output 2-into-1 breaks new ground, using premium materials and no-compromises performance tuning for heavily modified motors. There's an unmistakable and race-inspired 'works' finish that suggests the bike wearing this exhaust is all business. Continually pushing the performance envelope, the Hi-Output 2-into-1 starts with tapered head pipes and an oversized merge collector feeding into a multi-stepped megaphone. Every aspect of the Stainless Hi-Output 2-into-1 has been developed and tested through countless hours of dyno time with the singular focus to increase volumetric efficiency critical to extracting maximum horsepower from high output engine modifications.


  • Engineered for high-output engines
  • All stainless-steel construction with TIG welds throughout
  • Contoured laser-cut heat shields
  • Race-inspired brushed stainless "works" finish
  • 1.75" to 2" tapered head pipes
  • 2.5" inlet to megaphone
  • 4" to 4.5" stepped muffler body
  • Oxygen sensor ports
  • 3" to 3.25" baffle with anti-reversion cone
  • Made in the USA
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