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Motorangutan Fantasy MotoGP 2020

We have many great prizes this year!  Choose your top 10 guesses before Midnight of the race.  Entries are Timestamped.  Points are earned as riders earn them in the championship series up to where you've placed them.  Example: You choose Marquez to win however he only finishes 11th.  You only earn 11th place points.  Or you choose Rossi in 9th place, but he comes in 2nd.  You get points for 9th place.   Choose Crutchlow for 3rd, but he crashes so you get zero points.

At the end of the season we will drop your two lowest scores which should make the game a little forgiving for those who forget to place entries for a race.      

Prizes!  We have a pool of prizes to which the season winners get to choose.  1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets next, etc...  

You Must Log In to be able to enter the contest.  Create an Account and come back to this page to see the entry form.

Real Time Entries Here!

Contest Results!

TCX RT Race Pro Air Boots (Color and SIze Choice)Arai DTS Edwards Replica Helmet!Sidi Rex Air Race Boots (Size Choice)Revit Vertex Air Jacket!Alpinestars Nucleon KR-2i Back Protector InsertScorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Antrim HelmetShoei RF-1200 Helmet!AGV Sportmodular Carbon Black HelmetForcefield L2 Evo Back Protector (Size Choice)