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Frogg Toggs

Located in one of the wettest parts of the country, frogg toggs® was founded in 1996 on the promise of total customer satisfaction, and to this day we don't introduce a product, make a change, or commit a resource unless we know that it will result in giving our customers even more reason to seek out and purchase the frogg toggs® brand. As our customer base expands from the traditional sporting segments into other outdoor activities, this commitment is strengthened rather than diluted. We understand that a growing market means increased demand for and scrutiny of product quality. Our response to this is embodied in new, high quality products such as our Toadz™ series of rainwear and Amphib™ shoes line. We have every confidence that these products, as well as our trusted traditional offerings, will continue to provide our customers with the quality, performance, and value historically associated with the frogg toggs® brand. Please purchase all of your Frogg Toggs gear from Pink Gorilla Cycles