Vance & Hines Monster Squared Slip-Ons - Chrome (Harley Davidson)

Vance & Hines Monster Squared Slip-Ons - Chrome (Harley Davidson)
SKU: VH0044

Sometimes, a different shape is all you need. Designed to visually complement your hard bags, these mufflers sound every bit as good as they look. With twice the internal volume of standard slip-on mufflers and technology you won’t find anywhere else, the Monster Squared slip-ons crush the old saying that 'more power requires more noise'. Monster Squared mufflers provide more horsepower with a stereo-friendly, rich tone that’s perfect for those cross-country tours. Encased in blue-proof heat shields featuring billet machined end caps, the V&H Monster Squared mufflers are the future of touring slip-ons. 


  • Large 6 1/4" muffler bodies
  • Full coverage heat shields
  • CNC-machined end cap
  • Sold as a pair
  • Made in the USA
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Vance and Hines
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